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Would you like to lend a helping hand to Families in my community and make their lives more joyful and colorful? Many families in and around Siem Reap can not afford to buy clothes, school supplies or even transportation for their kids to go to school. They also often don’t have clean drinking water or enough food. This is a reason why many kids drop out of school and work instead, to help provide for their families. We do strongly believe that only education can make all of our lives better and happier in the long run. On our charitable tours you are Not just experience about the historical Angkor temple but at the meantime on charitable tours to learn Cambodian lifestyle while distributing your donations of clothes or school supplies in schools and local communities. See those happy faces and smiles and let your heart be warmed by this special moment.

The little time they have at school is the most valuable and precious

Along with providing tours throughout Angkor Wat and its temples, the team at also provides daily excursions to rural schools where any sort of assistance from you can make a huge impact on the children attending. After touring the beautiful and ancient temples built by the Khmer People, spending just half a day at one of these schools is a great way to make a memorable impression, peacefully and smiling on your vacation.

A few ways you can give your support:

  • Purchasing food, snacks, or clean drinking water in bulk, villagers pumping wells…
  • Providing the school with health cheking, dentists
  • Buying notebooks, pencils, color pencils, pens, backpacks, and other school materials
  • Donating school uniforms, Sports clothes
  • Creating your own gym program by giving sports equipment (soccer balls, volleyballs, jumping ropes)
  • Volunteering for a week or more by teaching English to teenage children
Your own ideas are also very welcome It is a unique moment to include in your travel plans !

Additionally, If you would like to donate without visiting the schools, please contact us about supporting the future of Cambodia.

Please contact Sam at: for more information.

For those that continue to provide their support after leaving Cambodia, Thank You from the team at AngkorWatTours !!!

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